The Academia de Flauta de Verão (Portugal) announces a composition competition, for new works written by composers of any nationality or age. Winning compositions will be published by Scherzo Editions and premiered at the 3ª Academia de Flauta de Verão in Porto, in July 2015, with performances announced via the AFV website and social networks, and recorded in audio and video.


A: Works for solo, duo or trio, using the following instruments:

Alto flute

Bass flute in C (maximum two bass flutes)

Contrabass flute in C (maximum one contrabass flute)

B: Works for between 4 and 8 flutes, which can include piccolo, C flute, alto, bass flute (maximum two bass flutes) and/or Contrabass flute (maximum one contrabass flute). Optional: 1 part for Electro-acoustics* (pre-recorded or live electronics).

*Any composer opting to include electro-acoustics will be responsible for providing any special necessary equipment or performance technician, in the event that the work is performed at the 3ª AFV.


  1. Submitted compositions must be unpublished.

  2. Composers may submit up to four works. Works submitted in previous editions of this competition will not be considered.

  3. Composers waive their rights to “direitos conexos" for live performance(s) in the educational context of the 3ª AFV or subsequent editions of the AFV. Any performances recorded for commercial CDs or DVDs retain those rights.

  4. The members of the jury are: Ivan Moody, President, Katharine Rawdon, Ana Raquel Lima, Stephanie Wagner, and João Vidinha (Scherzo Editions), technical consultant.

  5. The jury may award as many prizes as it determines, including multiple first-prize winners, no winners, honorable mentions, or special prizes. The decision of the jury is final.

  6. Works winning a First Prize will be presented in concert at the 3ª Academia de Flauta de Verão in Porto, July 2015. The resulting recordings, audio and video, will be given to the composer(s).

  7. First Prize-winning works will be published by Scherzo Editions (www.scherzoeditions.com) by Dec. 31, 2015.

  8. The 3ª Academia de Flauta de Verão will distribute certificates for all prizes.

  9. Works submitted for the competition will remain in the library of the AFV, which reserves the right to any future performances in the context of the Academia.

  10. The Academia de Flauta de Verão encourages works in all styles. Works including extended flute techniques should give clear and precise performance indications; the jury can be contacted (indirectly, see below) up until the competition's closing date for technical assistance in these matters.


  1. The closing date for submitting works is May 25th, 2015.

  2. There is an entry fee of 15€ per work submitted, to be paid by PayPal; composers will receive instructions by email.

  3. Composers must NOT indicate their name on the SCORE or PARTS. Each work submitted must be accompanied by a SEPARATE SHEET with the title of the work and the composer’s name, email address, street address and phone number.

  4. Works may be written in legible hand copying or in computer-produced notation.

  5. A full score as well as set of parts must be submitted. Issues of practicality for performance (legibility, page-turns, etc.) will have bearing on the jury's deliberation.

  6. Works must be sent, in PDF or other electronic format, to the AFV email address: academiadeflautadeverao@gmail.com, on or before May 25th, 2015, with “Concurso de Composição” as the Subject.

  7. Prize-winning works will be announced by June 22 , 2015, by email to all submitting composers.

  8. Winning works will be announced publicly by June 30, 2015, via the AFV website and social media.