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Doctoral and Masters Thesis Presentation – Rules 2016

This section of the Academia de Flauta de Verão (AFV) aims to provide an opportunity for former masters and doctorate students of all nationalities in the superior schools and universities, both in Portugal and abroad, to present their thesis. The author need not be a flutist, but the subject has to be relevant to the participants of the Academia de Flauta. For example, theses could be related to performance anxiety, questions of musical style or interpretation, breathing and of course anything particular to the flute or the life of a flutist.

The majority of theses written are extremely interessing and relevant, and we are all able to benefit from the research undertaken by the author: pupils, professors, active professionals and amateurs. Unfortunatly, so often, this useful work is placed in drawers and forgotten after being submitted. The AFV would like to encourage former students to present this work, either as a lecture, or as a performance-presentation, which ever format best suits the candidate.

The theses must be completed and submitted. We welcome theses written and submitted only within the last ten years (since 2005). The use of the time available for presentation is at the discretion of the author.

The AFV offers:

  1. between 45 and 90 minutes, during the 4th AFV, for the presentation of a thesis.

  2. a page on the website academiadeflauta.com dedicated to the thesis, for which necessary materials must be submitted (images, texts etc.).

  3. an invitation to the participant to observe the 4th AFV.

  4. a certificate of participation as “Special guest”.

  5. An invitation to lunch for the day of the presentation.

To sign up please submit:

  1. a summary of the thesis to be presented, occupying no more than one page of A4.

  2. a curriculum of the author, with an indication of their superior school/university, and professor etc.

  3. a list of whatever is needed to present the thesis (the AFV cannot provide multimedia equipments, such as projectors or screens).

Submissions by email should be received by June 30th 2016.

For more information, please contact the AFV by email at academiadeflautadeverao@gmail.com